May 5, 2009

Helios Designs - South Africa

While I was surfing the net in search for some pending Jobs to be churned out, I stumbled upon this website from south africa and of all the articles posted, this caught my fancy - the PUO Characters ( I have never under-estimated the genius and expertise that can come out of African Anime after watching a Series back then - Sarah; a UNICEF-style of cartoon that discussed the issues faced by the conventional and typical african girl as regards to Female Circumcision, Gender Oppression, Sexual Harrasment, HIV/AIDS and the rest of them. 'Twas just to bad that I was not able to find one Nigerian from the credits roll out.

Anytime I visit SA, I certainly will like to pay them a visit - hope I will be welcome- so we can share ideas, work something together, take coffee ... watch the World Cup together.

Helios Design ( is a full-service design agency specialising in branding, print design and website development.

By the way, Helios Designs are responsible for a website I benchmarked for a Client - African Leadership Academy. You can check it out at

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