Apr 25, 2009


Jian Xu is a CG Artist from China. My rationale for having him on focus here is for a submission he made to CGARENA (www.cgarena.com) Monthly Magazine for APRIL-MAY Edition. The question that crossed my mind was - Why EFCC? Why Bankole? and the rest of the Whys? ...

We have become pals anyway and I want to believe our CG rapour will grow by the day. Here was his reply to a mail I sent him ...

Hi Damaroy,
Nice to meet you.and thanks for liking my work.
My new work is going on,then I will submit on forum,you can see it soon.welcome comments!
yes,I render by mental ray.I just use 3 lights,main light ,second light and sky light with the final gether.
and I see your blog,looks cool! I have not blog for I am not use to updating it,hehe.
keep in touch

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