Sep 16, 2013

Feature on Samsung AD

A friend approached me (and my colleague), askign if we got  weekend to spare for a video shoot.

Sure! .. why not?

We had fun... but it was very tiring men!

Now, its everywhere

Oct 15, 2012

FirstBank - How to request for a Verve Card

There was a bid sumbmitted to prepare visually engaging and very illustrative video communication on how customers can request for a verve card.

This proof of concept was submitted to that effect - reason for no voice-backup to the video.

Allbeit, still communicates how to go about it thoguh!

Jun 25, 2012

Celebrating the Smith's

I rejoice with them ...

BRANDING - Sabroso

When next you want to grab a very healthy breakfast - SABROSO is it. Currently trending in Lagos with a plot to take over the sub-urb of Lagos very soon!