Apr 15, 2009

I'm so tripping for ILLUSTRATOR men ... gosh!

Having drawn the Kitchen and Living Room Scenes as posted in earlier post, I decided to sharpen my drawing skills the more. Though this time around, I decided to visit my WACOM BAMBOO Graphics Tablet which I bought over 3-5 months ago without actually using it cos of some Flash Project I embarked on during that time.

The funny thing there was that after preparing my Artwork in Photoshop for Comic-Style painting, one brush stroke discouraged me and IMMEDIATELY, I swapped app ... the re-draw was done in AI and the text, brush, logo and shadow fx was PS.

By the way, GTB has nothing to do with this ... its just a personal work I feel you will be liking some of sort ... say, today ... or NOW!

NB: The Kitchen scene is my desktop wallpaper ... dont u just love it?

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