Apr 15, 2009

Tribute to a GRAPHIC ARTIST ... Spiritual Mother!

Evening Everybody ....
I just received a rather disturbing news. The wife of the Papa at Deeper Life Bible Church, Sister Biodun Kumuyi went to greater glory on Saturday 11th April, 2009. Another painful loss, I must say.

The very first instance I knew she was responsible for the cover Graphics of every MIRROR Magazine, a monthly (or so) mag from the stables of the Church for Women, I have always wanted to write something about it ... It inspired something in me that as a CG Artist, one dont have to be drunk, high, watch movies or do extreme MUDANE and INSANE things to be the very best at whatever they do ... God is the Ultimate Inspiration ... ARE THERE NO BALM IN GILEAD?

I will continue to look at this pix and get closer to God. Meanwhile, I'll try to gather as much MIRROR Magazine as I can grab to remind myself that even if I become Steven Spielberg OR George Lucas oOR EVEN Steve Jobs ... There cometh a day when no man worketh .... draweth, sketcheth, 3d-eth ... Just FLASHES of HEAVENLY GLORY?

visit her condolence site ...

On behalf of our beloved Pastor, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church and his family, and with total submission to the will of God; we bring to the notice of all, the peaceful passing on to glory of our dearly beloved mother, the wife of our Pastor, Sister Biodun Kumuyi who slept in the Lord on Saturday, 11th April 2009. She was aged 57.

While she sleeps on and takes her rest in the bosom of the Lord whom she served heartily and faithfully while she was here on earth, let us submit to the perfect will of God who loved her best.

She was also the Publisher of the popular Christian Women Mirror Magazine, which circulates widely within and outside the country.

She is survived by her husband, Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi, and two sons, Jerry and John, an aged mother and sisters. Until her transition, Sister Kumuyi was the National Woman Co-ordinator of the church and International Co-ordinator of the women ministry in Africa and other continents where the church has branches.


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