Apr 16, 2009

Timi is MINE

ADIGUN Timilehin is an OAU Economics Graduate I met about a year ago now. He is into Teen Magazine that describes aspiring youth and events in a very inspiring way. I have been doing the magazine design for him all the way since its first edition a YEAR ago (apart from 2 editions he skipped me off - 3rd and 4th). Here is the 6th edition.

MINE Magazine is a 6-times a year magazine ... and did I mention that this full-colour 32 pages magazine is FREE! I mean, i tell people and they ask me what does he do for a living! ... Is he HIGH?

Get more info by calling him on 08023458880; by mail on justaboutmine@yahoo.com; or da blog at www.minemagazine.blogspot.com.

1 comment:

Timi Adigun said...

Thanks Jide; this is NICE!!! and your blog is TIGHT!