Jan 18, 2011

Modeling National Theatre, Nigeria! - Going International!

Twas one of those Tuesday when I wake very early in the morning, hoping to beat traffic on time and hit my desk before 7am. I got to my desk and realised I unusually have a higher number of unread mails compared to days before.

And then my eye popped to see this mail from 3dm3 of my tute posted on their website - my heart skipped!

Back in my university days, 3DM3 was my internet meal. Memories of how my room-mate who did me favours taking me his pops office for some Internet juice couldn't understand my obsession for Internet, especially for CG inclined resources. That being said, I guess you have an idea of how excited I felt to be contributing to once was (and is still) my role MODEL.

Click here to view the tute on 3dm3's website

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Anonymous said...

Saw the link on evermotion's site. You must be very happy