Jan 21, 2011

... even on Evermotion!

It's over 4 months since this video was created - and the buzz around it this week alone is mesmerizing!
I got a mail from zpixel this morning on another feature on Evermotion, another website I so much adore, even so much more back then!
As zpixel posted as a comment, I am more than grinning ear to ear on this development - and even though it's a bit too early to leak some things I am currently working on in this light, have it at the back of your mind that I have made mention of something massive here and now!

Evermotion and 3DM3, thanks for the posts!

It really made my week and made me weak.

The screenshot taken recorded 43 views, now, it is 717 views (as at the time of posting).

It is truly amazing!

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Oladipo Fasoro said...

Boss, you get mouth.