Jun 11, 2010

The Battle of the Villages - animation remake

This 32-page comic book was produced by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Kenya with the assistance of teachers and pupils. Using the entertainment-education approach, the comic was designed to reach children in upper primary classes with issues related to international humanitarian law and preventing conflict, as well as the idea that even wars have limits. The booklet includes activities for pupils and a teachers page with suggested lessons at the end.

The comic book tells the story of two neighbouring villages, Ama and Zuta, who have been engaged in a bitter and long conflict. No one remembers how it all started but each village blames the other. Once peaceful neighbours, in Ama and Zuta many lives have been lost and property destroyed because of the conflict. According to the publication, "In every country, religion, and culture, we find rules and traditions designed to reduce the suffering caused by wars. These norms are at the heart of International Humanitarian Law, a universal set of rules that protects war victims, especially children and women, and prevents fighters from using certain arms and weapons."

I was in part 2 in the university when I got my hand on this comic book. It was my quest to join a club, which was becoming a cliché for all my friends who were either in Rotract Club, JCI or the likes. I chose Red Cross - why? 'cos 'twas free! - anyway, I was thrilled with the plot of the story and the character style with which it was drawn. Though I tried something out, my skills set didn't permit me to go all the way - left alone my not having a computer to work with.

Anyway, here we are ... I look forward to a painstaking but rewarding animation production - my first!

PS: I have started taking Swahili Lessons. Voice Talents needed, please!

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henrye said...

Hye this looks cool. i just downloaded the comic.