Jun 15, 2010

ARCHIVES: Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Back in my University days, my departments association (National Association of Computer Science Students) annual week had in its menu a game show which as far as I am concerned was the cherry on the cone. It was during that time when the frenzy of WWTBAM Game show was very much alive and what held our audience (which are students from across all Faculty in the University) spell bound was the realism this application I built using Macromedia Flash 8 and Actionscript 2 was the perfect seamless realism it displayed - sounds were all gotten online; screenshots where taken from the PC Game version; Questions were provided from an IQ Geek - Olumide Oladosu; animation and title sequence were just perfect!

Taking a look at the last published date, my computer tells me this application was created 14th of July, 2006; it all seemed like yesterday!

With the advent of deploying apps such as this on Facebook, I can only imagine the possibility of proper deployment in times to come.


Anonymous said...

"who wants to smoke my honeybear"

would you please contact me at satumaa(at)hotmail.de cause I'm working on the website of awyo.de 'n would like to know what letter-type the headline-pictures are?

Who wants to be a Millionaire said...

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