Feb 25, 2009

NYSC CLC - Nassarawa, Lafia Branch

Oladosu Olumide Nuraeen (LUMZY) is a padi of mine back in the University (and still is). Before being room mates in Part4, I have always had this radical notion of him ( not habitable et al et al)  AND When I realised he was going to be my roommate in part 4, I decided to take a careful study of him before I concluded, it was a wrong notion.

Long story short, for most of my NACOSS Classmates who resigned to fate to be at places other than Lagos, Abuja or rather, home ... being active in one CDS Group or the other was not so much of a news and for LUmzy, it was not an exception.

He gave me a call (why does have to be a call AND not a dinner or Lunch or something) that he needed to transform the legacy - trust me, thats Lumzy. He needed a logo for his CDS Group which he is the President - the Computer Literacy C... (wow, I cant remeber what the last C stands for).

See what I could do for him.

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Tunde said...

bros ua doin a great job o...

can't comment on everything... would av loved to...

keep it up... and bros, u no gimme all those stuff now... how far? :D