Feb 25, 2009

As we welcome 2009 Batch A Corps Members

Tayo Osiyemi(Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?sid=a6cb8e94a8b89787d57c76a34cc7982e&id=699193567&hiq=tayo,osiyemi) was the Senior Pastor, CASOR at OAU for about two session during his time as a student in school. Fate had us be at IMO state together for NYSC and coincedentally, at the same Local Government. He gave me a rush call for a cover design for the Orientation Programme something-like-that.

Twas kinda urgent, so I had to suspend my 3D project and gave it my best - tis Gods work, u know!

Heres what I did ... I'll appreciate comments/Suggestions(though late and will not be considered - at least for this project).

Below is what he sent to me as the Previous Design they had ALONG with the brief he sent me ...

Pls check out the attached back cover photo of the last camp programme and help me design something more upbeat and 21st century compliant. I need to get to the print house today with the design.
The theme for this camp is "WALKING IN THE SPIRIT"
Back cover:
Telephone contacts are 08051499416, 07030708091, 08029418080, 08063812941
Leave out the "coming soon..."

What can I say?

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teejoy said...

dint get 2 say this all along but dis design is just proof that u r wired up wt CG. This print is one of d topmost things I wud lyk 2 remember bout Imo state. thanks pal. countin on u 4 many more 'rush' jobs, speaking of which where is my Logo?!!