Oct 2, 2008


See ehn ...

I love graphics - photoshop, illustrator, painting, corelDraw etc. But I want to have an edge over colleagues.

Then I picked up Flash, After Effects ... and 3d.

And then I asked myself, what Programming? Why not pick it up.

I did and trust me, I have enjoyed some offer benefits and offers in combining all these though trust me... it aint easy.

Lemme get to the point!

In my years of Programming- basically Actionscript and say, a lil of PHP, I have often gotten frustrated when I run the code and I see bugs here and there. Questions that fly around my head are:

Is it not possible to write a program that is bug free?

The pictures below answered my question.

more to come ...

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barbietunnie said...

That might be because you obtained your copy of PS from a questionable source...LOL