Oct 13, 2008

Between AfriBank and JAMB

As I write theis piece of article, I am at Imo State for my NYSC, specifically at Imo State University Teaching Hospital (IMSUTH) as a result of me being a Computer Engineering Graduate. Life has been good so far, moreso, when I compare myself to mates of mine being posted to Secondary Schools and worsestill, Local Governements across the federation where their authentic passion is undermined and thier key values are underutilised.

The very reason why I had to do that brief introduction was as a result of a short reminice I had during the process of registration for NYSC. We had to buy some funny cards in order to gain access to entering our personal data to their (ill, error bombarded) database - the same information they have of us and the same information we had to fill even at the Orientation Camp. Though I was fortunate to have mine done over the night as I had no doubt of the crowd and inaccessibility the system will have during the day, I was perplexed when i found out that those who couldn't do theirs online due to lack of Knowledge or crowd pull, were forced to buy the card (sold at the price of 'black market') and attach it to a green/blue card where the same information required over the internet where demanded. Very Ill i must say. Considerign the fact that the online-system started with our set, one would have tot they should just collect N250 before we did any registration cos if those who couldnt/didnt do theirs over the internet had to do this via attachment, then whats the point of the card.

However,one thing I would like to point out is the fact that tthe system was developed by some IT bodies ( with some very cute names) in association with Afribank and the question I ask myself is that ... AFRIBANK? what on earth happened to all other banks ... I mean the more familiar ones ... UBA, GTB, FirstBank, Wema Bank or even the acclaimed IT Bank of the Year 2008 - Zenith Bank. Still pondering over about 4 or more months, the answer came. Do you realise that Afribank are the sponsors of JAMB Exam blasters - you dont get what I mean? Check the back of your JAMB handbook and you'll see what I mean. I mean, if not them for all their contributions to the 'society', then who else.

I am not throwing this dart at Afribank cos they are not a really familiar household name in the banking sphere. All I am saying is that any system that will be developed should be put to proper test before deployement.

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