Dec 14, 2011

DTone Martins - The new kid on the block!

From Rhythm Unplugged to MTN Campus Jamz, ), DTone Martins has become the epitome of good music. His singles, ‘Sunkun Ife’ and ‘Ife Gbagbara’ premiered on 2 December, 2011. In ‘Sunkun Ife’, DTone Martins sings about an immeasurable love which cannot be compared to anything imaginable; the love that triumphs over all barriers. In ‘Ife Gbagbara’, he sings about how love is no respecter of persons. DTone Martins’ pitch voice quality, word combination, his rhythm and his flow are exceptional. He co-produced the two singles with Daniel Iyere, P loop and Fatt Beat.

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