Feb 22, 2011

Another appearance on 3DM3

It's getting more prettier to know that I can deliver video contents worth viewing globally.
Sometimes last month, I posted the featurette I got on the National Theater modeling tutorial I did and posted on my vimeo page. This time around, my tutorial on Exporting 3d data from 3ds Max to After Effects + Part 1 and 2 which i did almost a year ago has caught the limelight again.

Quite alarmingly, Part 2 of this video has 1643 views while Part 1 has 931 views; I expect that this video will be as interesting and fascinating as the previous one.

Check it out here: http://www.3dm3.com/articles/exporting-3d-data-from-3ds-max-to-after-effects-3208/

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