Nov 18, 2010

Mainframe Production; Opomulero - CLASSICS

Watching THUNDERBOLT - MAGUN again after about 4-5 years gave me a nostalgia on our lifestyle way back then; the solemness, subtle, humble, innocent and easy way of life enjoyed back then. This gave rise to this mock I developed even out of all my very busy schedule.

In all honesty, after grabbing my copy of ARUGBA (another block-buster from the stables of Mainframe TV, I collectively grabbed three other classics (Thunderbolt, Saworooide and .... ) and after watching Thunderbolt again, the inspiration for this post came to light.

Preview the image on a browser and try to picture what aroused my inspiration!

NB: Please consider this as a fan art. This piece was done out of the great admiration I have for Mr Tunde Kelani

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