Oct 11, 2010

Modeling National Theatre, Nigeria!

Modeling Nigeria National Theatre from Aroyewun Babajide on Vimeo.

Over the week, I had a brain wave on modeling Nigerias National Theatre. And as the good Lord would have it, it came to pass on the 10th October, 2010 (10.10.10).

The National Theatre here is one of Nigerias greatest and finest Monument. I did not know this much until I started and got very involved with the details associated with it - a whole lot of symmetry and what have you.

WELL! ... consider this to be a rush with the output having its flaws here and there but hey! ... I love it all the same.

NB: Though I have an abridge version of this tute on Youtube (Abridge cos of video lenght limitation of 15 mins), this video will be my first video upload on Vimeo. I might as well only post 3d tuts on my vimeo profile page.

File size - 3.7MB

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Anonymous said...

i am a masters student of the university of derby uk ,i most comment ur effort on this.i am well impressed.... is there anyway i can get the cross section of the national theater. send to @ radiuslofo@yahoo.com