Oct 18, 2010

First Dab at Zbrush

First Dab at Zbrush from Aroyewun Babajide on Vimeo.

Dammie Adebowale is a friend I met through a friends referal. I got this base mesh from here sometimes back!

Due to some heavy office distractions from my quest to get acquinted with some other personal expertise I have being longering for, I took a one-week annual leave from an ever-bustling Lagos to a calm, quiet and humble Ile-Ife to exploit these desires of mine.

As I was having a challenge with the new ZBrush 4, I decided to have a go at the mesh I got from her!

It can only get better!

NB: The background voice is that of me and my friend, Akinade Gbenga discussing how very perfect some tutorials can be as they do not expose some imperfections. Also featuring is the sound of the UPS.

You can also check it out on my Youtube page should vimeo give you issues!

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