Sep 13, 2010

Sule Emmanuel - Personal Website

Before y'all go on to read the details of this post, need I say that I and Sule Emmanuel got talking over a year ago - done some couple of jobs for him - but till this moment, I have not set my eyes on him. A global village ... just perhaps!

'SuleEMMANUEL' is a quintessence of what resilience, strength of character, dogged faith in God and desire to make positive impact in the lives of people can make any life become. He is a lover of dreams and dreamers; always driven by strong compassion to see dreams materialize - all the time inspiring people to live a life of relevance and be the best they were created to be. He believes every individual; irrespective of tribe, race or gender has something unique to contribute to his generation!

Please check out his website for more information.

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