Dec 9, 2009


An interface was requested for an application in progress for HiTV. Here is a mock-up. More details soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pal,

About a year ago, I made a mock of how an interface meant to be deployed as an AIR App. In truth, this was one of a kind I took concerted effort to make 'DA BOMB' and of a truth, it actually was.

Developing it as an AIR App stalled cos of some official schedule which I couldn't compromise. However, everytime I gaze at it, I imagine the possibility it posses - also the complexity as my aim was to come up with something competitive with the likes of Windows Media Player, WinAmp etc.

Last Friday (23/07/2010), a colleague raised an issue on a prospective AIR App and just then, I realised that I actually installed Adobe Catalyst and Adobe Flash Builder along with other Applications that came with the latest release of Adobe CS5 Master Collection. And then, this mock came to mind again!

Very regretably (though I was mildly punished for it), I took the whole of Sunday trying to make a head way with the new WYSIWYG I discovered in Adobe Flash Catalyst - at the expense of Sunday Service - and came up with something awesome - well, to my expectation.

When I went though the MXML file created afterwards, I had no doubt with someone who said 'ADOBE FLASH CATALYST IS THE BEST PRODUCT TO COME OUT OF THE CS5 FAMILY'.

Feature to watch out for
- Add Content Button
- The Scoll Bar
- Tape Stocks link
- Library Links

em ... well, considering the fact I did this stuff about a year ago, I couldn't really tell anymo' what what is meant to do.