Sep 7, 2009

Bright Prospects ... Difficult Path!

Following a post I made sometime sometime like that, I revisited this LOCAL SETTINGS project I was working on and discovered the bright prospect. However, since I did it with Max2008 and the version of max I run now is Max 8 because of the VRay Compatibility, all I did was an AO rendering and did major retouch in Photoshop such as the lights, smoke and teh fireplace.

Exporting the Project as an OBJ file and importing to MAX8 brought in a lot of triangles and as such very hard to work with.

Comments needed?


Omo Oyerinde said...

u dont go back to old versions in max!

Tunde said...

bros nice sturvs here and there...u dey 'vex' as usual...when we go begin my classes o... :)

trust ua making mega progress...