Aug 25, 2009

Last Christmas Souvenir

Last Christmas, I thot of it to give friends and clients who made that year a blast for me. Gifts and Candys might as well worked perfectly but I wanted somethign that was going to stay in their memory for a long time afterwards.
Just then, I decided to give out a bit of my own creativity - a market I sell - along with the Souvenir to give out - A BRANDED POSTCARD.

The print quality was so beautiful - I was particularly proud of it and better still, a client of mine came for a re-print as one of his junior brother forcefully took his own copy AND another scenario of another recipient having a commtion with a close friend over it.

From my own perspective, I think in as much as it looked subtle in terms of production input, i sure did has its spot in the heart of the recipients.

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