Jul 18, 2009

Career Evolution - Advertising

Here is a Beautiful one for all my Colleagues out there. During my surfing hour (or time ...u know, while surfing, time flies), I stumbled on this piece of very creative mockup. The Funny thing about this piece is I have always had that feeling of grooming some newbies as age and maturity tells on ... me. I guess that's what suggested my intention to further my education as a Creative Wanabe but from an Admins perspective- u know, give all the criticism, suggest ideas, applaud newer gurus, public speaking ...yah-di-yah, blah-di-blah. Giving from that piece, I think I have the offset of an Intern but dont get me wrong, I use my Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint effectively.

Here is a shout out to Mr Kunle Smith - a former boss at my first Advertising Company - as an intern.

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