Apr 14, 2009

Getting ready for Cartoon Network


I have a friend like that ... anytime he catches me online, his first question is 'WHATS COOKING'.
Over the last few weeks, I have been researching on how to create a CARTOON NETWORK style animation for a client in the nearest future. I sent the skecth quite alright and Im sure from the look of teh sketch, you will admit the message aint being relayed well.

So over the Easter Break at Warri, i decided to bring it to life.

Here is a special dedication of the Kitchen Scene to that HUNGRY friend of mine. Check him out at http://tundeadeyemi.blogspot.com

1 comment:

barbietunnie said...

We can see what's cooking now. TMy blog link is http://tundeadeyemi.blogspot.com and not http://www.barbietunnie.blogspot.com. Nice work anyway